Best Act Romandie

As a national music award, the SMAs build bridges between German-speaking Switzerland and the French-speaking parts of the country in the West. For this reason, the category ’Best Act Romandie’ (French-speaking Switzerland) was introduced in 2013. A special event for this category takes place in the run-up to the Swiss Music Awards every year. Experience a rich variety of showcases and the impressive diversity of the music scene in French-speaking western Switzerland. The first Swiss Music Award will be presented to the winner in the category 'Best Act Romandie' live at a special event in Lausanne and will be celebrated again in style at the SMAs in Zurich on 10 February.

This year's award for 'Best Act Romandie' will be presented in Couleur 3's Studio 15 in Lausanne on 2 February 2017.
The Best Act Romandie is supported by the Swiss institute for the promotion of culture, Pro Helvetia.


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Copyright SMA 2017 - All Rights Reserved